Postdoc opportunities

Are you interested to work on Geophysics / Hydrogeology / Volcanoes   at the Geological Survey of Japan (AIST)?

Here are some possibilities:

Postdoctoral positions /opportunities:

 1 year postdoc (renewable) fully funded

Start date:  April-May 2024

Project: Geophysics and hydrogeology

         Link for application:

2 years postdoctoral position under the JSPS fellowship Standard Program:

Project: your own research project or collaborative project.

Competitive postdoctoral fellowship.

2-3 years postdoctoral positions as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Postdoctoral Fellows:

Project: our own research project or a collaborative project between one research institute in the EU and our research institute in Japan.

Competitive postdoctoral fellowship.

Please contact us at: marceau.gresse at marceau.gresse at and mikio-takeda at